Regina Minor Hockey

    minor hockey

  • Minor hockey is an umbrella term for amateur ice hockey which is played below the junior age level. Players are classified by age, with each age group playing in its own league. The rules, especially as it relates to body contact, vary from class to class.


  • Regina is a Late Latin feminine name meaning “queen” from the Latin, Italian and Romanian word meaning the same.
  • Régina is a commune of French Guiana, an overseas region and department of France located in South America. With a land area of 12,130 km² (4,683 square miles), it is the second-largest commune of France.
  • The capital of Saskatchewan, located in the center of the wheat-growing plains of south central Canada; pop. 179,178
  • the provincial capital of Saskatchewan

regina minor hockey

Regina Spektor and Me

Regina Spektor and Me
Regina Spektor on the left, me on the right. One of the happiest moments of my life, and sometimes I still think I dreamed it all. Funny thing is, I caught her cold afterwards. It was possibly the most dreadful cold in the world, but I still like to believe that this brief human contact with her (I got to hug her and I felt her hair. I know, I’m creepy) gave me her cold. Yeeeehaw.

Regina Spektor

Regina Spektor
Regina Spektor, Latitude Festival, 16/07/06